Linux Hosting


Using Linux hosting can help you to save money on your hosting bill. You can also take advantage of the cPanel to manage your files and emails. You can even configure Linux to run multiple programs at once.

The Linux operating system can be installed on a VPS or dedicated server. Generally, most Linux configurations are done using a command-line interface.

The best Linux hosting providers offer a range of packages to suit your needs. Some provide a standard base environment, while others allow you to configure your own. In terms of performance, Linux is likely to be a better choice than Windows.

For example, Linux boasts a well-documented suite of security features. Viruses and malware are much less of a threat on Linux. You can also improve your website’s accessibility with a Linux server.

The Linux desktop is much easier to use than the Windows equivalent. Using the Linux OS eliminates the need for expensive hardware. Likewise, it’s a lot more stable. This makes it an ideal platform for online businesses.

The biggest challenge when choosing a Linux host is deciding which one to go with. You might want to consider OVH or InMotion Hosting. OVH is an exemplary budget host, while InMotion is a more professional Linux web host. The former is great for beginners and experienced Linux users, while the latter offers more features, including a free website builder, regular backups and a 100% renewable energy match scheme.