Dedicated Server


Dedicated hosting is a good solution for resource-intensive websites. It offers higher performance and less downtime. In addition, you get complete control over your server. It can be a perfect fit for government websites or businesses with extensive traffic.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but it offers better security and more control. Unlike shared hosting, you own your server and can customize your server’s hardware and software. You can also upgrade your resources as needed. In some cases, you can buy a managed dedicated hosting plan. This means you pay extra money for more technical support.

However, managed hosting can be complex. If you have little or no technical experience, you may need to hire an administrator to handle your site. If you are a designer, this can help you supplement your income. You can also resell your hosting space to other developers and designers.

Dedicated servers are ideal for agencies that manage thousands of client websites. You can set up powerful spam filters and configure your domains and databases.